More new clients as PPR continues to grow


Now all we need is more freelance talent...

It’s been an incredibly busy three months for us at PPR.

Having taken the decision to change the business from a personal consultancy vehicle (as was initially intended) into a virtual agency in May 2018, the following six months were about stabilising the product and creating a workable model for both our clients and the freelance ‘associates’ on which we depend.

To that end we joined the PRCA in September, and its virtual agency working group - which has already been immensely valuable to our fledgling company. As has the advice and guidance of my mentor Adrian Braine, as I incubate the business at the SetSquared hub in Basingstoke.

All this whilst ensuring we deliver for our existing launch clients, which includes independent media agency Bountiful Cow and digital agency MMT Digital.

Since then, the last few months have seen us make progress in growing our client and associate base.

We’ve welcomed Ben Robinson, Ciara Hardman, Rachel Ringstead and Caroline Roques into our expanding associate team. And we have loved working with other partners - such as business development agency JFDI - on a range of projects including the delivery of marketing & media training programmes.

We’ve also significantly grown our client base.

Building on the work we did for Bountiful Cow in 2018, we started this month with their older sibling the7stars. Founded in 2005 on a simple platform of great customer service and genuine transparency, they’ve grown to become the UK’s largest independent media agency, a Sunday Times Top 100 company to work for six years in a row and one of the London Stock Exchange’s 100 companies to inspire Britain.

We were thrilled to pick up a brief for the newly-incorporated jpimedia, publisher of a range of national and regional news brands including the i Newspaper, Scotsman and Yorkshire Post. With the media’s focus on the financial problems of its former parent company Johnson Press, the famously-politically impartial i Newspaper has been a quiet success story, growing its market share and building its online audience significantly.

Also in news, we have started working with Agate, a pay-as-you read digital wallet that makes it easy for publishers to generate additional revenues from outside the usual staples of subscriptions & advertising. It makes it simple for people to pay for what they want to read online without the commitment of a subscription; since subs only appeal to a minority of a publication’s audience it’s an easy way for publishers to monetise the “middle majority” of readers willing to pay something. They are attracting a lot of attention in journalism & policy circles, mentioned many times in the recent Cairncross review into the sustainability of local news.

And after a strong year with our launch client MMT Digital we’ve expanded our relationship with the Be Heard Partnership to include their media planning & buying agency agenda21.

As we continue to grow we will need more freelance associates to join our network; which has been specifically designed to let freelancers create a role with us around their strongest skills, lifestyle and other client commitments - that allows them leverage their best relationships and personal brands.

Whether your preference is client relations, media relations or developing creative ideas, or whether you are looking to simple add a few hours here and there to top up your income, or to take on a larger portfolio of clients to get your teeth into, there’s space for you here. If you think you can bring something to our network, we would love to hear from you!

Thank you to all our clients and partners who continue to support and recommend us.

Matt Phillips