In the news: PPR founder Matt Phillips on community media

My experience of building a social media network for my village, and building my own comms practice over the last year, has led me to thinking a lot about influencers, brand purpose, community and owned media ‘brands as publishers’ - and how that should complement to ‘paid media’ advertising and ‘earned media’ public relations in a media plan.

It’s a hybrid since you totally control the message (it’s your platform) but the message has to resonate or you’ll lose the audience. Any content marketing company will tell you the content has to be different to ads.

So what brands could community media work for? Below is an article I wrote for City AM where I reference three categories - 'purpose brands’ ‘credible campaigners’ and ‘passion brands’.

We’re looking at developing a product for PPR clients that will help them build their own communities. If you’re interested in how community media could help your business please drop us a line.

Matt Phillips