PR Basics: How to create a story that works for PR

This captures a ‘story’ on a single page that can be then converted into a pitch around a 'hook' ie a time-bound development that makes the story timely for press.

  • Audience: who are you trying to reach (specific). Has to be the same as the journalist’s target audience.

  • Action: what should this audience do? This offers ‘agency’ or a call to action. Can’t be salesy. One action per story.

  • Argument: how the action in their interest? Fear, opportunity?

  • Arc: the narrative, or from-to. The shift in this story. Think before/ after, pre§sent/ future.

  • Authority: what’s your proof? This is a number (measurable impact) or real-world example.

  • Attention: when will people pay attention? Conference? Milestone? News? Something a famous person has said or done?

If each of the A's is clear, you've got a story.

If not, this method helps find the holes and figure out how to fill them.

Matt Phillips