PPR Consulting
Marketing, Business Development & Communications


Grow your business through strategic marketing, sales & communications.


PPR Consulting is a strategic communications consultancy, led by Matt Phillips. It helps startups, SMEs and corporates to grow through effective communications, marketing and business development.


Startups have big ambitions, great ideas, natural points of difference, a clear focus on the problems they aim to solve and inspirational founders/ brand ambassadors to engage their audiences.

But they suffer from low awareness & influence, have limited resources, seldom have specialist marketing support, and are fighting for attention alongside many others.

PPR give startups an flexible and cost-effective marketing function to help them validate their business model for investors and increase their visibility to prospective clients.


Established firms have proven business models, are well-known in market, have case studies, have marketing budgets, and expert spokespeople to advocate the company brand.

But marketing is often led by a single person also juggling  sales, business development and investor comms responsibilities - with marketing and PR at the bottom of the list.

PPR offers established firms board-level strategic advice and a range of products to help them cost-effectively outsource elements of marketing & PR to allow them to spend more time on the business.

PPR for Agencies

Done well, earned media can be far more impactful and effective than bought or owned media. PR is about building a bridge between what a company has to offer and what a journalist wants to hear. And as agencies live in the media's world they are perfect story-brokers, they know who wants to hear what and when.

But agencies can struggle for senior talent. Board-level agency people are expensive and can be spread thinly over too many clients, leaving clients under-served and internal account teams under-supported as client demands ebb and flow.

PPR provides PR agencies with flexible board-level support to fill that void - a white-label resource that can be bought in to win business, keep clients happy and support junior staff.


Corporates are well-established in market, with budget for marketing and communications: owned, earned and paid media overseen by in-house specialists and delivered by multiple agencies.

Agency partnerships don't always run smoothly, can go stale, and changing agencies is time-consuming and expensive. Corporate conservatism can lead to the dilution of the message, while the fear of being fired can lead to clients getting the advice they want to hear, rather than the advice they might need.

PPR offers corporates independent strategic advice, a diversity of views, and new ideas - as well as products such as media training, messaging, planning, copywriting to freshen things up - without the need to change agency.